Our law office, based in Athens, has as its main objective the provision of high quality legal services and the satisfaction of its private and corporate clientele, both inside and outside Greece. Our law office is fully harmonized with modern European standards and is framed by a competent and dynamic team of lawyers with experience and expertise in the private and public law sectors.

Our expertise in various areas of law enables us to address better the specificities of each case, while the provision of quality services, based on the specific requirements of each case, is a key concern of our lawyers. We are innovating in the organization and operation of our office in order to achieve the best relationship between lawyer, company and client while our constant goal is the consistent and reliable provision of legal services based on mutual trust, confidentiality and respect for our clients.

In co-operation with the client and in order to better safeguard his interests, we analyze the strategy to be followed and record our planned actions to achieve the best result.The philosophy of our office is consistently the use of out-of-court mechanisms to resolve a dispute, mediation and / or arbitration, so that the client can avoid the financial (and time) consequences of a legal fight.

Our offices are housed at 62, Akadimias Street (opposite to the old Greek National Opera and adjacent to the Athens Bar Association), in a historic building, the work of prominent architects Leonidas Bonis (1896-1963) and Basile Kassandras (1904- 1973), which belongs to the reference works of the Athenian architecture of the interwar period.

Cassandras has been one of the most important Greek architects of his generation. His work is mainly about the sense of measure, while he is included by historians in the representatives of modern classics. Together with his fellow student and for many years partner (L. Bonis) became the main rapporteurs of the new rhythm in Greece in 1930, and as graduates of the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts they had the necessary prestige to help them prevail in a short time to domestic things. Among their most famous works are the Army Equity Fund building (1927-1940), for which they won together the A 'Architectural Award.